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  • Nightlife in Beijing – The Nightlife scene that rammed its way into the 21st century

    Beijing’s nightlife scene rammed its way into the 21st century after decades of staid Marxism and Maoism. Young people in the city are excitedly embracing China’s latest’ism’ – me-ism and the hoping bars and clubs in Chaoyang are the new temples to this religion. The booming nightlife and bar scene is just another reflection of […]

  • South-East Asia – Where the hot property investment money is going!

    With little growth in the UK property market at present, savvy property investors are looking overseas. South-East Asia may not be familiar territory to many but, with potential appreciation of 15-25%pa and yields over 10%pa, it offers some great opportunities – and lifestyles! As an Expat myself for 12 years, I love the region. Asian […]

  • The ultimate responsibility of due diligence when investing in Asia property

    The overseas property industry must be a very difficult ocean for the average investor to navigate. How on earth can he or she differentiate between fact and fiction, risk and security? Go to any overseas exhibition or trawl the web and you’ll be presented with a myriad of offers, from Brazil to Bulgaria, Malaysia to […]

  • Phuket Marina Property Investment in Phuket’s High-Class Projects.

    Phuket Marina Property Investment in Phuket’s High-Class Projects.

    In Asia for sailing, as boating becomes an increasingly important part of Phuket’s image, the outlook for marina and associated property development look promising. Lula Lalvani’s decision to build the Royal Phuket Marina in the middle of the east coast already heralds the start of a new era. The Binatone chairmans’ vision of creating a […]

  • Bagus Jati Villas, Bali – Beautifully furnished villas enjoy spectacular views.

    Bagus Jati Villas, Bali – Beautifully furnished villas enjoy spectacular views.

    Situated about 30 minutes from Ubud, Bogus Jati is a health retreat for those eager to improve their physical and mental well-being, and anyone looking for a relaxing holiday Its hillside location at a gentle 700 m (2297 yd) above sea level means guests will benefit from the brisk and invigorating mountain air, and the […]

  • Alila Manggis Hotel Retreat, Bali

    Enjoy a good book…or indulge in a massage. Head away from the crowds for the unspoiled east coast of Bali. There you’ll find Alila Manggis, a gem of a boutique resort that combines the best of Bali’s tropical landscape, the sea and the island’s cultural diversity. Inspired by the traditional Balinese wantila and the royal […]

  • Alila Ubud Hotel & Villas, Bali – One of the most spectacular pools in the world.

    Alila Ubud Hotel & Villas, Bali – One of the most spectacular pools in the world.

    Alila Ubud sits on a hillside high above the Ayung River valley, just a short drive from Bali’s legendary artistic centre, Ubud. This beautiful retreat, with its traditional Balinese architecture, neatly thatched roofs, secluded courtyards and private gardens, was designed to merge with and enhance its natural setting It offers a unique blend of timeless […]

  • Mandara Spa at the Datai – Langkawi, Malaysia.

    The five-star Datai hotel is situated on the northwestern tip of the Malaysian island of Langkawi and provides an idyllic natural retreat within the depths of a centuries-old virgin rainforest. Sitting atop a secluded cove, it has its own white sand beach, where you can dip your toes into the blissfully warm waters of the […]

  • Property Investment VS Traditional property purchase

    The fact that you are visiting our website would suggest that you understand the potential of property as future investment and in particular want to take control of your finances by building a portfolio of properties to provide for a secure retirement. Through our experience with clients however we concluded that whilst many people understand […]

  • Discovery Cove Luxury Apartments Hong Kong

    Double Cove is being developed by Henderson in conjunction with New World and Peterson Group. From project conception, planning approvals, construction plans and designs, to choice of materials, the Developers have invested over ten years of work in making this epoch-making major development a reality. Its world-class design concept, top-class facilities and seldom-seen natural geographical […]