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China Real Estate Marketing

The appeal of Chinese market to overseas property developers and agencies is obvious. Economically, the rising price of housing, the thorough urbanization and the more and more severe control measures is cutting down the profits of domestic properties, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The stagnant economy in EU, the quantitative easing in USA and the stable exchange rate of RMB makes the investment settled in RMB become more competitive at the same time. Consequently, the large amount of money from Chinese investors will flow in overseas properties. From the perspective of national condition, Chinese really appreciate the good environment, the sound social security system and the high quality education. Recently, a few countries even lower the basic requirements of immigration. Above all, 2013 should be a big year of overseas properties in China.

Most of those Chinese young people who have the urgent demands for housing cannot be the target customers of overseas properties, no matter for investment or for residential. The age of serious buyers ranges from 40 to 50, most of them cannot speak fluent foreign language so they prefer face-to-face consultancy, most of them start with searching online on the Chinese search Engine Baidu, our partners at RE China can help you with Chinese Search Engine Optimisation for Real Estate.

Asia SEO will conduct the specific promotion, which include project introduction, soft-text recommendation, featured listings with elegant photo, etc. We also issue the special edition of different festivals and real estate exposition in order to directly promote the project from the viewpoint of mainstream press. Moreover, we will send messages to those VIP members regularly to inform them the projects in which they may have interests. Therefore, with the help of our excellent channel of contact and platform for promotion between foreign vendors and Chinese investors, your project should attract more target customers and establish more prestigious brand image.

China Real Estate Marketing