Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong – devotedly moving forward the discovery of Chinese contemporary art.

Opened in 1992, Schoeni Art Gallery was the love child of the late Manfred Schoeni, whose dedication and passion to the arts forged on unprecedented relationship with China by bringing numerous artists into the international limelight. The gallery has since played a pivotal role in building the importance and global recognition of China as a serious player in the art world; and, as a result, many collectors are turning their heads eastwards. Having hosted over 150 exhibitions in their Hong Kong gallery and organized hundreds more around the world, Schoeni Art Gallery has on unrivalled knowledge in Chinese contemporary art.

The gallery is professionally recognized around the world as on established platform from which highly talented and previously unknown contemporary artists have launched themselves into the ort scene. Artists such as Yue Min Jun, Yang Shoo Bin, Wong Yi Dong, li Gui Jun and Zhang lin Hoi have all celebrated their first overseas exhibitions at Schoeni Art Gallery.

The gallery is now managed by Manfred’s daughter, Nicole Schoeni. Inheriting his vision and drive, Nicole ensures that Schoeni Art Gallery continues to discover China’s best, fresh talents; and is pushing Chinese art more than ever into the mainstream, Working alongside Shanghai Tang for their limited edition Spring 2006 collection, Nicole has brought contemporary art and fashion together and is drawing attention from both critics and designers alike.

Not ending with fashion, Schoeni Art Gallery’s expertise has also been used by the Grand Hyatt, who sought advice for their most prestigious hotel in the renowned Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai. In a similar form, exclusive members bars, The China Club in Hong Kong and The China Club in Berlin hove asked for guidance regarding their significant collections of antiques and art.

In Hong Kong you can view Schoeni’s collection of over 2,000 paintings and spanning over 100 artists, in two galleries on Old Bailey Street and Hollywood Rood. Regular events and exhibitions promote both established and emerging Chinese artists; the gallery is devotedly moving forward in the discovery of Chinese contemporary art.

The sister company, Wai Yin and Dove, has specialized in the traditional restoration of stunning Chinese antique furniture for over 15 years; and is close by on Chancery Lane with a further showroom in Aberdeen and a huge warehouse in Zhongshan, Mainland China. The Schoeni Family has a strong foothold in China’s past and future.

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