Asia First – South East Asia’s Leading Property Investment Group.

Asia First is the first place to call for anyone interested in investing in property in South East Asia, The company sources highly lucrative real estate investments and is at the forefront of many prominent developments in the region. The tropical beaches and idyllic landscapes in the region. The tropical beaches and idyllic landscapes found in such countries like Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, provide plenty of reasons for buying property in this area.

But finding that perfect haven requires stringent assessment and evaluation, the team at Asia First understands the reality of investing in overseas property, the talent for identifying promising business ventures has come from years of experience in consulting and developing projects in Asia.

“There’s no substitute for actually knowing what you are talking about and having genuine experience – if you don’t understand what happens behind the scenes in real estate, how can you separate the solid investment opportunities from the absolutely ridiculous ones? Good marketing can disguise many sins.”

This straightforward outlook is reflected in Asia Firsts conception in 2004, the idea was always to market only the best opportunities and leave the rest behind.

The team hold a wealth of experience in property and helps clients build diverse, high performing property portfolios.

Asia First has earned a prominent reputation for providing the finest in luxury real estate, and their success is attributed to a meticulous work ethic. The company will work intensively in order to gauge whether a project is worthwhile.

“it’s about selecting high yielding real estate in the best growth markets through research and local knowledge and then eradicating risk through exhaustive due diligence.”

The future is set to bolster the already stellar reputation of Asia First, The team have just introduced a new sourcing service for private clients that demand very specific types of property and they have also signed a deal to supply approved properties abroad with their south east asian stock. This company holds exclusive rights to market overseas property for a range of blue chip consumer and corporate entities.

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