Manila Property Investment FAQ

What are the financing programs that are applicable to Manila Real Estate?

Typically, there are four kinds of options that you can choose from:
(a) Bank Financing
(b) In house Financing
(c) Spot Cash Payments with a discount
(d) HDMF Loan
The availability of a particular financing program varies from developer to developer. Although, some developers offer programs that seem advantageous than others, there are still some developers that lack what there counterparts offer. So, to have a more detailed understanding of the different aspects related to financing programs, it is ideal for you to give us a call so that we can discuss the program that you like.

How much should we expect to pay upfront as a down payment on Manila Apartments ?

This depends on the policy of the developer. Generally, developers ask for about 20% down payment. But, others lower their rates to as much as 10% if the project is still in pre-selling. Pre-selling stage is when the construction of a subdivision or project is still on-going and the unit will be scheduled for construction once the full down payment is paid. Some developers offer staggered payment for the down payment. The terms may extend to up to a maximum of one year and the monthly amortization of the balance will take effect once you have completed the down payment.

What is the most affordable price of Manila real estate in the area? What is the smallest lot area available?
The price for every lot and its size vary and may fluctuate everyday. To have the latest prices and information about available lots, it is ideal to drop us a line. We will be glad to assist you with every concern you have regarding price studies and lot availabilities.

How much will I expect to pay for the monthly amortization on a property in Manila ?
The amount of loan approved will greatly be a factor when computing for your monthly amortization. But, there are also other factors such as the interest rates and terms of payment that you choose. Typically, the diminishing method is used with regards to Manila real estate. This means that the interest rate will only be applied to the remaining balance of the loan. To know more about this type of financing, you can try and visit the “Important Facts to Know” and click the “monthly amortization calculator”. By using the amortization calculator you will be able to have an estimate on how much you will expect to pay monthly.

Assuming that the interest rate given is fixed, you will only have to multiply the loan amount by the interest rate per annum. You will then add the interest per year to the principal amount and then divide it by the payment terms of your choosing. You may call us, so we can further explain to you the details of this financing scheme.

How much is the monthly association dues for Manila real estate?

This varies from subdivision to subdivision. But, the typical range is from P300 to P500 per month. The coverage of these dues pertains to your share in the monthly maintenance, salaries of guards, garbage disposal and various repairs of the subdivision. But, as far as the developer goes, they do not impose the collection of association dues. This falls of the hands of the homeowners when thee subdivision is turned over to them.

As for the Manila Condo maintenance fees, these are usually higher and based on the floor area of the unit that you occupy. You can give us a call to know more about association dues regarding condominiums.

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