Bagus Jati Villas, Bali – Beautifully furnished villas enjoy spectacular views.

Situated about 30 minutes from Ubud, Bogus Jati is a health retreat for those eager to improve their physical and mental well-being, and anyone looking for a relaxing holiday Its hillside location at a gentle 700 m (2297 yd) above sea level means guests will benefit from the brisk and invigorating mountain air, and the complete escape from urban life that Bagus Jati offers.

This natural landscape is also home to healing and medicinal plants including papayas, bananas, coconuts, mangoes and various herbs and spices, many of which are used in the resort’s exotic spa treatments and invigorating spa cuisine.

Reflecting ancient Chakra principles, Bagus Jati’s eight circular and beautifully furnished villas enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, from the misty mountains to the shadowy valleys teeming with vibrant, tropical greenery. They come fully equipped with jacuzzis and private treatment facilities, thus ensuring privacy.

Outside the villas are landscaped gardens with Winding pathways leading to the restaurant which is furnished with leather and teak, and features an open fireplace to provide warm relief from the chilly mountain air in the evenings . As good health and well-being are the aims here, Suryo Restaurant and Bar maintains different daily menus all of which use the freshest produce, herbs and spices. The wide spread covers selections from Asian, Australian and European cuisines. Special meals can also be ordered to suit specific dietary requirements such as weight reduction.

Guests can choose to dine in the restaurant, which seats 20, or in the comfort of their rooms. Over at Iswari Pool Snack Bar – lswori translates to Valley of Enchantment in Bahasa Indonesia – guests can enjoy fresh fruit cocktails, juices, snacks or lunch right by the inviting swimming pool.

The focal paint of Bagus Jati, however, is its spring water pool, around which tropical spa pavilions and private water gardens are scattered. The pool is where guests can tone their muscles with aqua’ jogging and aqua-aerobics.

Personal and group sessions are available daily. Among the pavilions surrounding the pool are the fitness centre and the yoga and meditation hall. The latter is circular in shape, just like the villas, and is located within a bamboo forest. This inspirational space allows guests to go about their exercises in peace, while listening to the gentle sounds of the river below.

Guests can immerse themselves in deep meditation under the instruction of professional yoga and pilates coaches.

These sessions should be organized to coincide with the rising or setting of the sun, as this accentuates the natural rhythms and cycles that drive our bodies. The exposure to Pilates is particularly beneficial to those who spend far too much time hunched In front of a computer screen, or gripping the steering wheel of a vehicle. These short lessons con ease the burden on your spine.

For more intense physical activity, the Bagus Jati fitness centre offers state-of-the-art gym equipment including cardiovascular machines to monitor your heart rate.

The fitness centre is housed in another circular pavilion that offers 180degree views of the jungle. Those who enjoy outdoor workouts will appreciate the fitness trail, designed to facilitate jogging, brisk walks and various interval-training routines.

To soothe your tired body at the end of the day, indulge in Bagus Jati’s range of elaborate spa treatments which include Ayurvedic massage rituals, traditional Javanese flower baths with hydrotherapy, herbal steam baths, acupuncture, mud wraps and more; all of which can be adapted to suit specific needs such as muscle aches, anti-aging, cell renewal, detoxification or just relaxation.

When you feel the need to step outside the property, you’ll find a number of noteworthy attractions nearby. At the top of the list is Jati River Holy Waterfall. Follow the short cut from the resort’s main path. You’ll discover a stream flowing over rocks covered with ferns and tropical trees, heading towards the river below, where a natural swimming pool has been created around the waterfall for Bagus Jati’s guests.

Guided tours can also be arranged to visit the local woodcarvers and stone sculptors at work producing their respective crafts with a look and mood unique to this region. Also of interest is Taro village, where you can view a breed of sacred and rare white cows, indigenous to this area. All these sights can be accommodated with a carefully coordinated bicycle tour, provided you’re fit and game enough to peddle your way around this fascinating territory.

Should you feel an overwhelming urge to take a part of this resort’s spirit of well-being home with you, there are personalised cooking classes under a Balinese chef that include a tour of the farm fields and spice gardens, as well as an Introduction to the preparation involved when cooking a traditional Balinese feast.

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