Phuket Marina Property Investment in Phuket’s High-Class Projects.

In Asia for sailing, as boating becomes an increasingly important part of Phuket’s image, the outlook for marina and associated property development look promising. Lula Lalvani’s decision to build the Royal Phuket Marina in the middle of the east coast already heralds the start of a new era. The Binatone chairmans’ vision of creating a unique marina has marked a coming of age on Phuket. Whether you’re a yachtie or simply yearn for the image, Royal Phuket Marina provides all the ingredients of a luxury lifestyle by the sea. At a cost of 6 billion baht, the completed project with berths for 350 yachts, a mix of 400 luxury apartments and villas with starting price tags from around 15 million to 100 million baht. A promenade featuring bars, shops and essential services and an exclusive Ayurvedic spa facility. No yacht? Don’t let that cramp your style. Yacht charter options will be moored at your doorstep, along with some of the best scenery and lifestyle in Asia.

Phuket has all the ingredients to take it to the next level of development as a sophisticated lifestyle & yachting destination. The east coast has already attracted high-quality projects that are pointing the island away from the mass tourism that once threatened to engulf it. However, new development will put increasing pressure on local government to ensure implementation of sensible zoning laws, curb piecemeal buildings, address security issues conserve local water supplies and make strenuous efforts to preserve the environment.

A new zoning plan, part of a nationwide initiative, will help to map a coherent planning strategy designed to project Phuket’s natural heritage and coordinate utilities such as electricity, water supply, wastewater treatment, waste disposal and telecommunications. The east coast will provide the perfect opportunity to establish a new blueprint for Phuket’s future development.

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