Discovery Cove Luxury Apartments Hong Kong

Double Cove is being developed by Henderson in conjunction with New World and Peterson Group. From project conception, planning approvals, construction plans and designs, to choice of materials, the Developers have invested over ten years of work in making this epoch-making major development a reality. Its world-class design concept, top-class facilities and seldom-seen natural geographical setting make Double Cove one of the most ambitious projects of recent years.

Situated on a natural twin-cove peninsula in Wu Kai Sha, the site occupies a superior position of over 2.8 million sq ft. linked directly to the MTR at Wu Kai Sha Station and close to major highways arteries. With international master-architect Lord Richard Rogers to act as design consultant, Double Cove adopts his key design concept of ‘Living in a Park’, resulting in an all-new definition of environmentally friendly residential development.

The first phase of Double Cove involves four residential towers offering 928 units in flexible specifications and sizes answering to different residential needs. The superb environmental and geographical location perfectly complements the Developers innovative master plan, making Double Cove a captivating new property of Hong Kong.

Panoramic Crystal Sky House
Only eight duplex penthouses – Panoramic Crystal Skyhouses by Lord Richard Rogers – are offered at Double Cove Phase I. Here you can relax with glass curtain wall on three sides in a serene 3,500sq-ft plus space, with 3.5m (approx 11ft 5in) ceilings, and marvel at the most stunning natural vistas to be found in Hong Kong. Each skyhouse enjoys a spacious sky roof where you can soak in your own pool with its 270-degree view.

Garden House
Those who enjoy living close to nature always enjoy their gardens. Double Cove offers eight beautifully designed Garden Houses, situated on the ground and first floors of each residential tower, that make the concept of ‘Living in a Park’ a reality. Each unit, with extra-high ceilings at 3.25m to 3.5m (approx. 10ft 7in to 11ft 5in). enjoys its own private garden, giving the kids more secure space to play in, and with the extensive glass curtain wall allowing the outside greenery to pervade the unit. Each unit is also provided with car parking spaces, giving the occupant the rare pleasure of driving right up to his home.

Juliette Balcony
The balcony represents the eyes and the soul of the home. Time passes pleasantly in the fresh air as you take in the panorama from your balcony in the early morning. Double Cove offers feature units with glass doors and Juliette balconies that really deepen the feeling of spaciousness, as well as the field of vision, and free up the mind. Some units also feature balcony and utility platform for cross-ventilation which generates a cooling air flow in summer.

International Master-Architect – A Masterpiece by Lord Richard Rogers.
The Centre Pornpidou in Paris, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the Millennium Dome and the headquarters of Lloyds of London, Terminal 5 at London’s Heathrow Airport, one of the most residential products One Hyde Park, London Terminal 4, Madrid Barajas Airport and 3 World Trade Centre, New York to be completed by the end of 2014, all major projects at the forefront of modern architecture, came from the drawing board of renowned British architect Lord Richard Rogers. His distinctive groundbreaking style often produces work which stuns the world and, at the same time, wins hims a continuous flow of awards in the architectural field. So much so that in 1991 he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and made a life peer in 1996. And in 2007, he was made a laureate of Pritzker Architecture Price, often referred to as the Noble Price of architecture, in recognition of his outstanding achievements in architecture, town planning and sustainable development.

Now Hong Kong will see for the first time Lord Richard Roger’s masterpiece in making Double Cove live up to its natural environment. As the design consultant of Double Cove, he now has a proud new addition to his stellar portfolio which is set to impress our city.

Living in a Park
Set in some of the most beautiful landscape Hong Kong has to offer, Double Cove commands a panoramic view of Starfish Bay, Wu Kai Sha Beach and Tolo Harbour and is bordered by extensive woodland and castling in a spectacular park of the New Territories. At Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, we are concerned with creating a sense of ‘place’ that takes advantage of such an amazing setting. We do this by exploring the way people use space and the relationships between the activities going on there. At Double Cove we have advised on the design of a masterplan and a residential development that focuses on a series of buildings around a raised park which sits above community, retail and leisure facilities. A controlled 24-hour pedestrian footpath runs through the centre of the park, with residential towers located along the perimeter.

Arriving at Double Cove’s main entrance and into the piazza you will find a host of contemporary installations lined up to greet you. These parasol-like sculptures act as filters for harmful ultra-violet rays, while on either side trees from a natural screen. Here at Double Cove you’ll fall into nature’s embrace and instantly appreciate Lord Roger’s green concept of ‘Living in a Park’.

Floating Lobby Blending With Nature.
Lord Richards’ innovative Floating Lobby is predominantly fashioned from glass curtain wall, allowing the maximum amount of natural light into the interior and extending the field of vision into the green surroundings. The Crystal Airwalk connects the Floating Lobby to each residential tower, and allows access to the podium garden and the covered pedestrian walkway leading to MTR Wu Kai Sha station. These areas are separated from road network, providing a world free of traffic noise.

Covered Public Walkway Podium Garden, Sky Gardens.
See More Green and Blue. Double Cove’s covered walkway is specially designed to allow residents to walk freely at all times from the Garden Podium level to the Floating Lobbies leading to each residential tower. On the way to MTR Wu Kai Sha station or Whitehead you can enjoy the flowers and the view of the club pool.

Sky Garden – Why not linger in the peaceful greenery created by the podium-level garden, or enjoy to your heart’s content the Sky Garden in each residential tower?

A Wise Man is Never Too Busy To Relax.
Double Cove’s approx 140,000-square-foot (total area for all phases) luxury clubhouse – Double Club – overlooks a vast green podium of garden of lush vegetation, bringing alive Lord Roger’s concept of ‘Living in a Park’. Taking into account the Double Cove Club and other interior and exterior green space. the relaxing area at Double Cove will eventually amount to 1.1 million sqft.

Double Club itself was conceived by renowned Hong Kong architect and interior designer Steven Leung with the theme “an exploration of contemporary green living” to meld together the natural environment and modem design, giving you a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Double Coves Club House.
If im not at home, im in the cafe! Why not stop by the Organic Cafe for a cup of good coffee or a fresh juice and appreciate the artworks? This is life at its best.

Stadium Almighty – The cutting-edge design of some 7,300sq ft Stadium Almighty caters to a variety of indoor sports, including basketball and badminton, thanks to the 7m ceiling, amid a sophisticated layout that almost distracts you from your game. You can also tone your body on the advanced gym equipment.

31 Meter Indoor Heated Pool.
No matter what the weather is doing, you can always take a dip in Double Cove’s 31m indoor heated pool. The pool’s space-age design with Italian Bisazza mosaic tiles and dimpled ceiling light features also grace the children’s Splash World, the Jacuzzi and Water Reflexology Pool, to help you rebuild body and soul at your own pace.

83 -Meter Garden Pool.
In Summer, your tanning programme starts here- in the Garden Pool which, including the children’s Splash World, winds among the trees for some 83 meters. The surrounding greenery, with the Jacuzzi and Shower of Fun, create a great holiday feeling. S, luxuriate in the Jacuzzi, do laps in the main pool, or just let the water relax you as you soak up the rays on the recliner. The poolside cabanas are also on stand-by for an impulse party of splash and laughter.

Health Gym.
Here you can tone your body in this 7,100 sqft exercise area with advanced gym equipment, while from the luxury of the fitness centre you can look down on those doing laps in the indoor pool.

Bowling Fun – And why not try out the sophisticated 4-lane bowling fun? Strike!

Double Cove’s Club Grand Banquet Hall.
Double Cove’s Club Grand Banquet Hall is just right for a reunion or birthday dinner with family and friends, and your children will like it too! The Grand Banquet Hall, convertible into three separate banqueting rooms, accommodates twelve high tables and can be extended by opening up the adjoining Grand Reception and VIP Room, making it the ideal spot for a business for family banquet.

Double Wonderland.
Children need to grow up with company and laughter. Double Cove’s Wonderland give them plenty of room on two levels, connected by staircase, where they can let off steam and express their creativity. It’s a kids’ paradise!

Double Club also offers a reading room for residents as a quiet revising area for the kids, who also have their own fun-filled junior Gym to nurture their physical development.

Double Coves Spa and Aromatherapy Centre.
Enhanced with Multi-Function Room and Private Training Room, you can choose your own aromatherapy regime and relax in the different rooms, including family spa rooms – some with Jacuzzi and steam bath – dedicated to relaxation for you and the family! A few luxurious minutes in the Jacuzzi and the hydrotherapy spa will make you feel like new again.

Double Cove Karaoke Lounge.
If you prefer arts to athletics, there are always the two fully equipped Karaoke Lounges. The Double Club also offers a Music Centre incorporating Piano Room, Band Studio, Recording Studio, and Music Room, for demonstrating your sublime musical talent!

Enviro-Cinema – The 3D Theatre with its 1380inch wide screen, state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and theatre-type seating, offers the ultimate audio-visual experience.

Set above Hong Kong’s exceptional twin-cove peninsula and Wu Kai Sha Beach, the nearest beach to an MTR station, Double Cove overlooks the natural conservation area of Starfish Bay, a rare gem in this bustling metropolis. At Double Cove, the stunning view is an east – west 180 degree plus sweep over the seashore, taking in Shatin Hoi, Tolo Harbour, Plover Cove, Plover Cove Reservoir and Tolo Channel.

Behind you shimmers and unbroken backdrop formed by the Ma On Shan, Sai Kung West, Plover Cove or Pat Sin Leng country parks – an emerald-green balm for the eyes.

Ma On Shan Country Park.
Situated on the central neck of the Sai Kung peninsula is the eastern New Territories, Ma On Shan Country Park covers an area of 2,880 hectares. Higher area offers views of distant beaches and outlying islands. Peaks within the park include Ma On Shan, The Hunchbacks, Pyramid Hill, Tate’s Cairn and Fei Ngo Shan.

Plover Cove Country Park.
Covering 4,594 hectares of natural terrain in the North and Tai Po districts, Plover Cove Country Park also includes the islets in and around Double Haven and Tung Ping Chau. Surrounded by sea on three sides, the park has a central chain of mountains in the west adjoining the rugged Pat Sin Leng Country Park. In any season, it looks just like a Chinese landscape painting.

Sai Kung East Country Park.
Sai Kung East Country Park consists of the eastern Sai Kung peninsula and Rocky Harbour, including the High Island Reservoir, the islands in Rocky Harbour, Tai Long Wan Bay, Pak Tam Au, Sheung Yao and Wong Shek Pier. This country park, covering an area of 4,477 hectares, contains most of Hong Kong’s outlying islands.

Pat Sin Leng Country Park.
The Pat Sin Leng Country Park covers 3,125 hectares of natural terrain and comprises the Pat Sin Leng mountain range and other peaks, including Wong Leng, Ping Fung Shan, Cloudy Hill and Kwai Tau Leng. Also within the country park can be found the Hok Tau and Lau Shui Heung irrigation reservoirs which offer good walks and camp sites.

Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region.
High Island Ung Kong Group, Ninepin Group, Sharp Island
Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region covers an area of some 100sq km (including seabed) with some of the hexagonal basalt rock-pillars, clearly visible from a boat, being over 400m deep an as much as 3m in diameter.

Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region.
Double Heaven, Tolo Channel, Ma Shi Chau, Port Island, Bluff Head, Tung Ping Chau.
The Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region neatly catalogues Hong Kong’s geological history over the last 400 million years.

Hai Ha Wan Marine Park.
Hai Ha Wan Marine Park abounds in a huge variety of marine life-forms and is home to over 120 species of coral reef fish.

Double Heaven.
The Lai Chi Wo sector of the Double Heaven Marine Park nurtures Hong Kong’s largest bed (over 2 hectares) of Japanese eel grass (zostera japonica) which flowers between Match and July every year.

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