South-East Asia – Where the hot property investment money is going!

With little growth in the UK property market at present, savvy property investors are looking overseas. South-East Asia may not be familiar territory to many but, with potential appreciation of 15-25%pa and yields over 10%pa, it offers some great opportunities – and lifestyles! As an Expat myself for 12 years, I love the region. Asian … Read more

Phuket Marina Property Investment in Phuket’s High-Class Projects.

Royal Phuket Marina

In Asia for sailing, as boating becomes an increasingly important part of Phuket’s image, the outlook for marina and associated property development look promising. Lula Lalvani’s decision to build the Royal Phuket Marina in the middle of the east coast already heralds the start of a new era. The Binatone chairmans’ vision of creating a … Read more

Discovery Cove Luxury Apartments Hong Kong

Double Cove is being developed by Henderson in conjunction with New World and Peterson Group. From project conception, planning approvals, construction plans and designs, to choice of materials, the Developers have invested over ten years of work in making this epoch-making major development a reality. Its world-class design concept, top-class facilities and seldom-seen natural geographical … Read more

Foreign investment in Vietnam real estate and construction sectors

Foreign investors have returned to Vietnam ready to invest in cash-troubled Vietnamese property developers. Foreigners armed with capital are demanding higher returns than previously and expect closer ties with management. The Vietnamese government has restricted bank lending to local property developers, which is putting the developers under great stress and has allowed for “Golden opportunities” … Read more

Cambodia Colonial Mansions & Property Investment of resorts and house projects

Cambodia, the small Asian country most renowned for the ruins of the khmer empire at Angkok, has developed in leaps and bounds over the last decade. Previously popular with backpackers, the country is now home to a rich sprinkling of boutique hotels, beautifully renovated old colonial mansions and uber-modern designer adobes. It’s also getting its … Read more

Apartments for Sale in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Olympic Residence Apartments for sale in Ulaan Baatar – Mongolia The Olympic Residence apartments are located in a tranquil part of the city centre overlooking the park. Mongolia is  the home to the world’s largest underdeveloped copper mine, Major mining companies like BHP, Ivanhoe and Rio Tinto are opening branches in Mongolia. The Capital appreciation … Read more