Song Saa Island Resort, Koh Rong, Cambodia

Song Saa is a uniquely beautiful boutique resort made up of two pristine private islands linked by a footbridge, just 20 minutes by speedboat from the mainland across the clear and sparkling waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Song Saa is truly the first resort if its kind in Asia featuring outrageously fabulous five star resort facilities including an oversized infinity pool lounge area, a rainforest hilltop organic spa, fine dining restaurant with perhaps the finest wine cellar in the region, a too cool cocktail bar, under the stars dining booths and more – all exquisitely designed using locally sourced, natural materials, not to mention the 20 uninhabited islands in and around Koh Rong to visit by speedboat or longtail boat for a day of picnicking, swimming or snorkeling!

At Song Saa there are just 27 luxurious over-water, beach and rainforest villas for sale, painstakingly designed to capture the best of the views and truly unspoiled natural surroundings – sunrise, sunset of infinite ocean views, there are no inferior plots with each and every location on the island having its own charm and mood.

In the warm sapphire waters of the Gulf of Thailand , 61 islands nestle like natural jewels. Most remain completely undeveloped and many are deserted, offering stunning scenery and secluded powder white sand beaches.

Over the past couple of years tourism has taken its first tentative steps on a small selection of these islands as people come in search of an exclusive desert island experience.

Song Saa represents the very top end of the market for luxury resorts in Asia . It will set a high environmental precedent – challenging future developments to meet high conservation standards – whilst not compromising on quality.

With the recent opening of the international airport Sihanoukville on Cambodia ’s coast, Song Saa is more accessible than ever. Planned in are flights from Asia’s main airport hubs including Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong, presently to get to Song Saa one must first travel to either Phnom Penh or Siam Reap.

Song Saa Island Resort is a picturesque 20 minute speedboat ride from Sihanoukville.

Song Saa represents a tremendous opportunity for investors to secure their interest in this unspoiled paradise while contributing meaningfully to its protection.

In Cambodia’s untouched Koh Rong Archipelago, two pristine islands lie side by side. They are known locally as Song Saa – which is Khmer for ‘The Sweethearts’.

Song Saa Private Island is as seductive as the name implies. Think intimate. Think luxurious. But above all think harmony – with all the elements of nature that make this place so special.

The resort spans the islands of Koh Ouen and Koh Bong, connected by a footbridge over a marine reserve that the resort established to safeguard the islands’ reefs and marine life including turtles, seahorses and exotic species of tropical fish.

Song Saa features at selection of exquisite villas nestled privately around the island and at the resort’s heart is a world-class restaurant and lounge, spectacularly positioned just off the island’s shoreline, surrounded by sea. A short stroll on the boardwalk will leave you perfectly positioned to take in dramatic sunsets, seascapes and starry nights.

Other resort features include…. large infinity edge swimming pool spa and wellness sanctuaries positioned in the rainforest and along the shore yoga and meditation centre on the shoreline, ideal for yoga at sunrise water-sports such as kayaking, snorkelling, and boating fascinating ecological program to experience the area’s flora and fauna an exclusive island boutique featuring designer labels from around the world, luxury body care products, and local art works.

Song Saa Private Island features 27 intimate villas, uncompromising on luxury and designed to reflect the simple beauty of the natural environment.

The villas have been built with a strong focus on sustainable construction materials, low emissions and waste management systems, including a water recycling system to ensure nothing harmful ever reaches the ocean.

There are three types of villas at Song Saa Over-Water, Ocean-View and Jungle Villas. All of the villas come completed with private pools and they are all exquisitely furnished and equipped. There stunning indoor/outdoor spa bathrooms and guests can enjoy uninterrupted sunrise or sunset views. The villas also have integrated Bose sound systems and Wi-Fi broadband so one can stay connected whilst in paradise!

After a day on Song Saa’s protected reef, each villa promises a sanctuary where you can shower looking out over the sea, sip cocktails while watching the sunset from your private verandah, or have the resort’s chef come and treat you and your guests to fresh seafood under the stars.

Overwater villas
There are just 8 gorgeous overwater villas at Song Saa. Guests can step into the ocean from the private balcony or quietly watch the sunset from the pool – the far reaching views from the overwater villas are simply breathtaking.

Jungle Villas
The stunning jungle villas are all privately nestled around the islands in the rainforest canopy. Each villa looks out over the open ocean and the outdoor pool is a fabulous spot for relaxing day away in the privacy of your own villa. There are 9 beautifully appointed jungle villas at Song Saa with a choice of either sunrise or sunset views

Ocean View Villas
Positioned right on the beach, Song Saa also features 6 fabulous ocean view villas each with their own pool and 13m of private beach access!! There arespectacular sunrise views and an outdoor sala which is perfect for private dining with your loved one.

The enormous power of Asian regional tourism combined with international demand for exclusive hideaways and pristine beaches is having a profound effect on emerging markets such as Cambodia .

Some facts about tourism in Cambodia :

• In 2008, 2.13 million visitors traveled to Cambodia , representing a 6% increase from 2007

• In the first half of 2007, tourism numbers in Siem Reap grew by a further 40.3%

• Between 2000-2008 the number of tourists in Cambodia grew by 456%

• During the same period, tourism numbers in Siem Reap grew by 1600%

• In 2010 tourist arrivals increased by 16% compared with the previous year, with about 2.5 million forigners entering Cambodia

• The Tourism Ministry has forecast 2.73 million visitors for 2011 and expects revenue from the sector to total $1.91 billion

The Thai islands of Koh Samui and Phuket, which once shared many of the characteristics of Cambodia’s islands, have seen luxury property values grow tremendously in the past 10 years – a trend that looks set to continue, given beautiful, accessible beaches are such a finite global resource.

While similar growth can be expected for Cambodia ’s islands, the developers (Brocon Ltd) remain unwaveringly committed to maintaining the natural assets that make locations such as this so desirable in the first place.

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